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Bingo is a game where numbered balls are placed inside a globe and drawn one by one.

The numbers must be marked on random cards, usually with 24 numbers, arranged in the format of 5 columns by 5 lines, to facilitate their location, when drawn.

One column for numbers 1 to 9, another for numbers 10 to 19, one for numbers 20 to 29, and so on, up to number 99, in most bingo games.

Traditionally, winners are those who first complete a row, a column or crosswise or the one who closes (that is, completes all the numbers) the card.

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Pipa Games is a 100% Brazilian live casino studio made to meet the growing demand for more tropicalized games with a remarkable entertainment experience. The company arises when the promising Brazilian game industry gains a lot of attention in sector publications, competes with potentially more developed regions and attracts the attention of major world operators.